We support change

We support change

Synergence was created more than thirty years ago. And yet, we never lost sight of what motivates us on a daily basis : supporting change.


Managed by Didier Livio, founder of the agency, the Synergence team grows every year and always in the same direction: towards sustainable development. Since its creation in 1981, Synergence has been a pioneer in institutional communication on internal communication issues: the agency was already looking for the best compromise between economic and social matters at the time.


Our sustainable development approach was fixed in 1992 thanks to the development of the “corporate citizen” concept carried out by Didier Livio, founder of Synergence and then Chairman of the CJD (young business leaders organisation). Synergence started working on sustainable development and gathered a multidisciplinary team. Engineers, communicators and production managers now work together in search of innovation.


Today, Synergence remains a reference as a change coordinator.


We help our clients to evolve towards the implementation of a common and sustainable future. Social, environmental and economic issues: today more than ever, these three dimensions of sustainable development are the backbone of our expertise and our intervention methods. The Synergence team still rests on the members who created the agency together: Didier Livio, Catherine Jacquet, Valérie Minot, Blandine Wolff, Francis Contat, Hervé Chaygneaud-Dupuy and Thierry Puisieux.

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