Synergence, sustainable development is our motto

Synergence, sustainable development is our motto

Synergence has 30 years of experience in consulting and communication services. For 20 years, we have been committed to sustainable development, innovation and co-construction with major French and international companies, public authorities and social players.


Synergence will support and help you towards building new economic, social and environmental models.


Providing much more than a strategic and operational help to carry out sustainable development actions, Synergence facilitates the co-construction of a shared vision of current issues and their political answers.


We do not offer packages because we are convinced that sustainable development is a matter of context. As says Franck Aggeri, professor of management at MinesParisTech: there are set approaches and freestyle approaches. We do not neglect the former (see CSR) but we chose to focus on the latter, for they transform organisations in the long term. We also give importance to community networks so that employees and citizens know about our actions.


But how can we work that way? Thanks to our multidisciplinary team, in terms of profession and field of expertise. Engineers and communicators work hand in hand to determine the best ways to meet our clients’ needs and go even further.


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