Sustainable development coordinator

Sustainable development coordinator

Everybody is talking about the ecological transition, but at Synergence, we are getting ready for it.


We offer local authorities and companies to act and implement our OZACT plan, a new combination of technical and networking approaches.


It is the result of several years of R&D and testing. Its first implementation by a company was a real success: McDonald’s EcoProgressTM programme enabled the company to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 35 % over the restaurant’s areas and to save up more than €2 million.


OZACT is the combination of a SAAS software platform and an integration programme (“networking service”) for individuals and organisations. It helps them in the implementation of new production, consumption and daily life practices to reduce environmental and socio-economic impacts.


A platform that can be used on a daily basis to :

  • make data collection easier and cheaper by making it automatic,
  • format the data so that it can be used on a daily basis by the final users,
  • issue a CSR report (article 225 of the “Grenelle Act”).


A networking plan to change people’s habits, based on an engineering method combining :

  • networks of supervisors,
  • a central team in charge of behaviour change,
  • community plans. 


Measuring the impact of these changes in terms of energy saving, decrease in greenhouse gas effect emissions, alternative energy production, sustainable purchasing, fuel saving... This is the basis of the economic, quantitative and qualitative return on investment that our clients are expecting. 


OZACT is based on our triple expertise : 

  • knowledge of environmental techniques,
  • implementation of a collaborative SAAS software platform,
  • integration of professional or general public communities.


The platform will be organised around 5 fields: energy, transport and mobility, environment, consumption and food and social issues.

McDonald’s has been leading its transition since 2007 thanks to this platform. Today, the General Council of Côte d’Or (in the East of France) is using this platform to better supervise energy saving and investments for middle-schools. Besides, COFELY, a GDF Suez subsidiary, is using the platform to control energy consumption in all their buildings. Other plans are getting started.


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