Left brain & right brain

Left brain & right brain

Has sustainable development become a vague notion? Between greenwashing and temporary trends, sustainable development is likely to be become trivial or even to be rejected.


At Synergence, we are convinced that sustainable development already has to undergo a revolution.


Without the technical innovation brought by engineering, social dynamics are stuck in their routines. And without an extensive knowledge of social issues and communication, the technical part doesn’t work either. This is why solutions are always socio-technical ones.


Why engineering ? Because it allows us to understand what is at stake and then create and implement improvement patterns between economic, social and environmental logics.


What about communication ? It puts the individuals at the forefront and allows us to implement actions to help them. 


Let’s not forget that sustainable development is, above all, a human adventure that must having meaning and drive commitment. It is an opportunity to invent new forms of cooperation between civil society, companies and public players. These are significant issues that have to be considered from different angles, content and form. Engineering and communication must work hand in hand.

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