In the future and even further…

In the future and even further…

Synergence is increasingly investing in research to maintain its original position and keep its advance in the field of sustainable development engineering and communication.


Indeed, new agencies are starting to enter the market. They either offer technical services about to be trivialised (for instance life-cycle analysis or carbon accounting) or they transfer traditional management, strategy or communication approaches to the sustainable development field.


For this reason, we must maintain the key elements of our positionning : innovation, engineering, communication and quick problem solving. Indeed, we work for international groups or public and para-governmental organisations operating within a network : for these clients, implementing new services or new processes simultaneously is essential. 


This is why research is fundamental in our activity to remain one step ahead :

  • To support behaviour change, by combining individual and community approach, public action and corporate management
  • To define key notions on sustainable development for the dialogue between stakeholders, by identifying the various players and developing new patterns of consultation
  • To define sustainable development indicators: they have to be CSR reporting tools, but they must also help supervising change within the company,
  • To define the implementation of innovating processes and the necessary technical tools.


Synergence hires graduates having completed 5 years of higher education or research, and develops partnerships with universities such as Mines ParisTech (ISIGE), Sciences Po, Université de Bourgogne, Université de Lausanne, Université technologique de Troyes, Sciences Com Audencia for interventions or innovating projects.



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