100 percent commitment of all involved
What other French company has implemented sustainable development in its activities as well as McDonald’s ? As far as we know, none. McDonald’s believe that, because of its size and involvement in French society, the brand must have an exemplary reputation, hence its commitment to sustainable development.
The PREDIT lets you speak
Everyone is aware of sustainable development issues but who is really committed to them ? And how to commit to them ? The Land Transport Research and Innovation Programme (PREDIT) understood the importance of involving citizens in the reflection process : citizens are designers rather than consumers !
Protecting plants is necessary
If a few players agree on the necessity to transform plants protection to reach the standards of sustainable development, it is not enough to transform a company. The point is to give employees the means to understand this new culture, to initiate new research programmes, new service offers, new products and new relationships with the agricultural world.
Sustainable development is essential to renew hotel trade
The ACCOR group is willing to renew hotel trade in order to meet its clients’ new expectations. But clients do not only want comfort and perfect services, they also want hotels that respect the environment, their employees and the land where they set up. To do so, ACCOR implemented a strategy in all its hotels, from luxury to low-cost ones. Here are the examples of Novotel and hotelF1.
The reference of a French responsible business
Luxury goods industry is not incompatible with the CSR approach, it is quite the opposite. Historically, the Galeries Lafayette have always been concerned by social issues, so the current CSR dynamic was not a problem for the group.
Communication at the service of citizens
The Regional Council of Burgundy and Synergence are willing to put communication at the citizens’ service, to make citizens stakeholders and not only consumers.
A revolution in the academic world !
With its new methods and ideas, the business school ESC Troyes breaks with old habits and traditions. The institution offers a new collective learning approach to make younger generations familiar with solidarity and respect in order to better imagine the future.
A French supermarket and a pioneering force in sustainable development
Everybody knows the brand’s green logo on food products, representing its commitment to sustainable development. For 20 years, Monoprix has been a pioneer in many fields: organic food, fair trade, rail transport and marine shipping... But 20 years is a long time and it can be hard to reinvent your brand. Synergence is taking care of the new action plan.
The Urban Community of Bordeaux is starting afresh
The Earth lacks oxygen; it is suffocating with greenhouse gas… A global issue, but local players have to play their part. The Urban Community of Bordeaux is engaged in a Climate Plan to save up energy.